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Cedar Summer Camp

Registration will open in spring 2024

Tuition is $102 per week, per child plus one time non-refundable $21 registration fee for the summer


You may choose the weeks that suit your needs when filling out the registration form below. Please keep in mind that, because of limited space, registered weeks cannot be changed after registration without approval from the program director. Please see OUR RATES page for all tuition information.


Please keep in mind that you are responsible to pay for each week that your child is registered, whether they attend or not, no exceptions. If you qualify for free tuition and your child does not attend a week they are registered for, you will be responsible to pay full tuition for that week and/or they may be unregistered from the rest of the program. 


Read through the Summer Policy Handbook so you are updated on the expectations for the program.


WEEK 1: MAY 30-June 2 ($82)

WEEK 2: JUNE 5-9 ($102)

WEEK 3: JUNE 12-16 ($102)

WEEK 4: JUNE 19-23 ($102)

WEEK 5: JUNE 26-30 ($102)

WEEK 6: JULY 3-7 ($102)


WEEK 7: JULY 17-21 ($102)

WEEK 8: JULY 24-28 ($82)

WEEK 9: JULY 31-AUG 4 ($102)


Please use this link to the online registration form to complete registration if you are using a mobile device, it provides a much better view of the form. The registration fee is non-refundable.


Registration is not complete until the registration fee has been paid for each child. Please visit our payments page to complete this process.

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