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Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pick up my child early?

     Yes, you may pick up your child early. There is no discount for early pickups.  Please refer to the summer calendar and weekly emails to make sure we will not be out of town on a field trip in the afternoon if you will need to pick up early.

2. Is there financial assistance in paying for the program?

     Yes, we accept state child care assistance through the Department of Workforce Services, child care assistance through SUU. We also have reduced and free tuition based on free/reduced lunch eligibility.

3. Do I have to send my child every week the program is offered?

     No; you may choose the weeks that fit your needs but please be aware that you are responsible to pay for any weeks for which your child is registered, whether they attend or not. Partial weeks and daily rates are not available.

4. How do you transport children for field trips?

     Children are transported by bus. All bus drivers are trained and certified by the school district and adhere to the same safety standards. 

5. Should I send a backpack each day?

     Yes, this is the best way to help make sure your child keeps track of their things and is able to easily have their stuff with them.

Summer Program Information

What you need each day:

  1. SUNSCREEN: We do not apply lotion sunscreen so please make sure it is the spray type.

  2. BACKPACK: Send a backpack to help your child keep track of their things and easily carry it with them on field trips.

Your child may want:

  1. SNACKS: You are welcome to send a home lunch and/or snacks with your child

  2. MONEY: On some of our field trips there will be places to buy things such as concessions at the aquatic centers and Fiddlers Fun Center. You absolutely are not required to send money, but you may if you would like to. Please remind your child to keep their money in a safe place. We will only hold money for a child if it is in a ziplock bag labeled with the child’s first and last name and the amount. We will not hold money that is not labeled.   


  1. Weapons of any kind! Children who bring weapons will be sent home immediately and given one chance to return. Second offenses result in expulsion from the rest of the program.

Afterschool Program FAQs

1.How much does the program cost?

   The cost is $102 per month with an annual $21 registration fee.

2. Is there financial assistance in paying for the program?

     Yes, we accept state child care assistance through DWS, child care assistance through SUU if you     

     are student, and offer free/reduced rates for those who qualify.

3. If I am a student at SUU, how do I apply for financial assistance?

     Students at SUU may apply for childcare assistance through the non-traditional student center. Click here for

     more information. 

4. Can my child attend part-time or Wednesdays only?

     Yes, there is a daily rate of $6 per day except Wednesdays which are $12 each. 

5. How do I pay the daily rate?

     You may pay through Venmo (@Afterschoolallstar) each day when you drop off your child. Please be sure to

     include the date you are paying for in the note on Venmo. 

6. Where is the program located?

     Each afterschool program is located in the school that is is offered at. We currently have programs at East,

     Enoch, North, Parowan, and Three Peaks elementary schools. We are working to begin programs at

     Fiddlers and South elementary schools. Please let us know if you are interested in an afterschool program at

     any of the schools in Iron County School District. We will do our best to meet the interests and needs of the       


7. Do you transport children to other schools?

     No, we do not transport students from one school to another. Parents are welcome to transport their child to

     another school if there is not a program offered at the school their child attends.  

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